A vast constellation of world-class facilities.

Club house

At our eco-community sanctum, we’ve carefully curated a list of amenities, with the 30,000 sq.ft Clubhouse acting as the pièce de résistance. Designed in the quintessential Santa Barbara style, these incredible outdoor and indoor amenities cater to your whole family. The abundant natural beauty surrounding the Club House is yet another reason to visit and revive your senses.

Infinity pool

The Infinity Pool is crafted in a contemporary geometric pattern that intertwines with pockets of open garden spaces. It features a 20 metre central lap pool, hot and cold Jacuzzi pools with massage seats and a kids’ pool.

List of Outdoor amenities

Reflective Pond/Arrival court/Inner Court/Feature Garden/Volleyball Court/Tennis Courts/Water Feature Motor Court/Swimming Pool/Outdoor event lawn/Performance Amphitheatre/Outdoor Chess Board/Water-Front Seating/Jogging and Cycling Track/Serene Walking Trails/Relaxing Zen Gardens/Outdoor Fitness Station/Children’s Play Area/Mini Football/ Golf Putting/Organic Farming